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What We Offer...........

Hi, my name is Jim.
I'm the president of Jim's TV (J-R Inc.).
We are very proud of our reputation for providing the BEST service at the LOWEST cost to our customers.
We are a no frills, down to earth company that knows all customers want and deserve the best.

Thats what we are all about.
We've been providing quality service and products for over 30 years.

Check out what we offer, maybe we can help you too. We have the following departments that can provide you our various services:

  • Service Dept.
  • Sales Dept.
  • Parts Dept.

We sevice audio equipment, TVs, VCRs, Microwave Ovens and Computer Monitors. Plus many other items as well.
We install and maintain security camera systems too.

Best Buys Center

From our Sales Dept...........

All fully reconditioned equipment with our thirty day warrenty.
We carry consoles, table models, portables and reconditioned VCRs as well.

Service Prices

Our Service Dept. provides the best for less.
We charge 15 dollars (US) to determine what repairs will be needed and to let you know what the total cost will be.
Should you elect to have a repair completed, this charge then becomes a down payment for the total repair cost.

For more information about who we are and the benefits of our products and services, go to our About page and our What's New page. For questions, drop an e-mail to Jim.
( James1tv@aol.com )

To Contact Us

Call us at 315.343.9408
Fax us at 315.342.2394

Send an e-mail request to